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Bees live in any area that has a hollow void of space big enough to put a basketball in.
They prefer small entrance and exit points. They have been found in:

Soffets of homess
Hollows of trees
Sub floors (between levels of multiple story homes)
Underneath trailers
Water meters
Walls with no insulation
Trunks of abandoned cars

The most common locations being the hollow trees, and soffets, yet, they are found in many different areas.   Typically hives are built within 40-50 feet of a water source.  Whether that be an air conditioning drain, a swimming pool, bird bath, a creek, or even a rain barrel.   There has even been a few instances where a hive was found in an empty and abandoned beer kegs. 

Bees can and will occupy any space that is again, close to water, and have a small entrance for them to come in and out of.  They need to live in a large enclosed area for the protection of  the bees, the honey, the comb, and queen.  However, the entrance needs to be small enough for just a few bees to enter and exit.  This will allow the soldier who protects the "doors" so to speak, to be able to determine who belongs to their hive. Bees are known thieves, and will try to steal from another hive.  They are scent marked by their queen. This allows the soldier to know who belongs and who doesn't.

One reason why many people shun themselves from these creatures is their deadly sting. No one would want to be included on the list of death tolls due to killer bee attacks nor wants to experience any bee stings.

Keiths Bee Service offers fast and efficient bee removal services in Texas and surrounding areas. An important feature of our service is a guaranteed bee hive removal that is more effective than just simply killing bees. Another good feature of our service is that you will never worry about the budget because we offer superb service at very affordable price.

Since bees may thrive in any areas of your house and are extremely inexorable, our company is highly dedicated to securing our client's health and safety. We will keep your home safe from bees and we wont let you caught with unnerving situations.

Through our killer bee removal services, attacks of wasps, bees, and other stinging insects are lessened.  We secure our bee keeper and clients at ease because they will never encounter any swarm of angry and attacking bees anymore.

Calling Keiths Bee Service is the smartest move you can do. Check out our bee removal services in these following areas:

  • Central Texas
  • Georgetown
  • Austin
  • Buda
  • Round Rock
  • Pflugerville
  • Bastrop
  • Cedar Park
  • Kyle
  • Manor
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